Custom USB Business Card Flash Drives

Custom USB Business Cards, made Personal!

  • Very thin, practical design with a premium feel.
  • Giant Edge-to-Edge customization area.
  • Personalize with full graphics and individual names!
  • We PRELOAD these drives with your valuable data and content!
and of course...

No Minimums, Delivered Next Day!

Custom Business Wallet Cards

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Custom USB Business Cards

Give prospects a business card and USB drive in one! Besides being versatile and easy enough to carry in a wallet, you’ll get even more branding dimensions and customizations, including more technology options, with custom business cards.

Your company can do more with flash drive business cards

Make a real first impression with a business card that’s also a USB. People will have more incentive to keep your cards in their wallet to use often, which gives you more eyes on your edge-to-edge printed branding.

Pre-load the drives or have them open your website, portfolio or app so people can immediately see what you have to offer when they plug in the drive, or even when they tap their phone with NFC technology on our smart business card model!

For creatives, these cards are perfect for portfolios; for any business, it’s a one-stop-shop for cards with direct access to your offerings, driving more business.

USB business cards are the perfect pocket flash drive that’s nearly impossible to lose because it fits in a wallet! People will find these USBs easy to access and use. They’re made to last with high-quality, durable materials that are water proof, shock proof, and dust proof.

Features of custom business cards

Custom business cards have available storage of 1-128GB. All are made with eco-friendly, thin materials so they’ll fit in a credit card slot, and they come in various shapes and materials. Choose from standard business cards to a bit larger if you want to stand out, to smaller cards and a tear-off option. USBs come with waterproof Grade A memory that’s magnet and X-ray friendly, plus scratch/dust/impact resistant.

Print your logo, eye-catching design or individual names with edge-to-edge color printing. All USB cards are individually hand built with highest quality materials and can be preloaded and delivered with quick turnaround, lifetime guarantee and no minimums.

Check out other usb business card options to find your perfect fit. Use the "Customize Now" button to add your logo and design, and see what these upgraded business cards can do for you! To go even further, add these to a swag box with branded water bottles or card keepers for keeping cards on phones. Or, check out all our USB drives for even more options.


Why should I use USB wallet cards?

Custom USB wallet business cards are a great idea for any trade show, conference or giveaway, or even to replace your usual business cards. When cards include USBs with pre-loaded files or programs to open websites or apps automatically, you'll get more eyes on your offerings; plus, people will keep your card in their wallet for the USB function, where they'll continue to see your logo, which means more brand impressions for you!

What parts of the business card can I customize?

You can design the card itself with full-color, edge-to-edge printing, and you can pre-load the USB drives, which is available in various capacity options. We can also program them to open a URL of your choice. Choose from design templates or create your own, get started today!

How should I use custom USB business cards?

Use custom business cards to promote your business, get new clients and distribute information to current clients, or at events, openings or promotions. Trade shows and conferences are excellent opportunities to give away custom USB business cards.