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Custom Coasters For Cups, Mugs and More

Why do people love taking bar coasters home? Because they become a physical representation of fun memories. When you choose personalized coasters, people will glance at your logo or image every time they reach for their drink or put it down, and will associate your brand in their daily activities.

Your company and coasters

Giving away free coasters at an event or trade show is a unique idea that will make people excited to use these high-quality, fun items. Coasters provide an excellent space to get eyes on your logo, so that your business will become top of mind for people when they need your services or products. Coasters also make for a great conversation piece, giving people the chance to become the brand ambassadors you’ve always dreamt about.

What people will think of logo coasters

People can always use more coasters, whether for hosting people at gatherings, or because they’ve misplaced or forgot to buy their own. Not using coasters can cause serious damage to wood surfaces, and even on metal or glass surfaces they keep liquid condensation from creating a slick surface that can cause damage to personal property. Our custom coasters are all made with highly absorbent materials, meaning people will come to rely on them every time they’re drinking beverages.

What makes our coasters the best

The best coasters have two things: highly absorbent material, enough surface area to collect all the condensation, and best of all; edge-to-edge full color printing for your brand. Our coasters come in a variety of highly absorbent materials and are all 4"x4", which is the recommended size for the highest absorption. All our coasters are eco-friendly so you can save the environment along with surfaces. Plus, high-quality printing ensures that your logo will stay on for the lifetime of the product, which comes with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns.

Try out coasters for your next giveaway or event, people are sure to love them! Just choose your material and circle- or square-shaped coasters, click "Customize Now" and design away, adding your logo or photo with full color printing options! We have no minimums, so you can order as many or as few as you’d like. For more products to include with your coasters in a custom kit, shop our?custom accessories,?personalized mugs?and?VIP Yeti gifts.


What are the coasters made out of?

Our coasters come in 4 materials that you can choose from. They include sandstone, bamboo, acrylic, and our eco-friendly coaster, which is made with 100% recycled materials.

How do I customize my custom coaster?

For best results, consider your brand and audience. Use a design that represents the tone of your brand or campaign. For a minimal look, consider using monochromatic artwork. For more energy, use bright colors. If you'd like assistance, submit a quote request or click "Chat Now" and we will connect you with your in-house design team.

What is a coaster used for?

Coasters are necessary to prevent permanent damage to surfaces such as wood. When a drink is left on a table for too long, the condensation creates a ring that, if not cleaned soon enough, will end up staining the wood. For other types of surfaces, the coaster collects the condensation so the table doesn't end up slick and messy, which may also damage laptops and documents.

Why should I use a custom coaster?

Custom coasters are an excellent choice for marketing purposes as well as themed events, because they are a physical souvenir of the event that people can keep for years to come. As a giveaway, people will find free, well-designed, high-quality coasters interesting and aesthetically pleasing. The coasters will become a reminder of your company, like a business card, but much more useful. Free promo item giveaways are more cost-effective than traditional advertising because they save you money, p